Sanduella Bogata Bag

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Sanduella Bogata Bag

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inspired by

the uniqueness of the curved
container from the Sasando called
“haik” which has a harmonic arch
shape and flounces that inspired the
front of the bag. The name is
derived from the Rote dialect word
“sasandu”, which means “sounded
instrument” and Viela from
Lithuanian, which means wire /
strings. There are accents of woven
rattan which are very unique from
Indonesian culture and the selection
of genuine leather gives a luxurious
and strong feel. “Sanduella” bag is
designed to create an impression of
traditional and modern at once.

Jejak Prestasi

Salah satu dari 5 desainer terpilih Indonesia Fashion and Craft Award, dan HKTDC InnodesignTech exhibition di Hongkong.

Pemilik Karya

Alya Nadira | 3415100062


Contact: 081298072772

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